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Wedding Table Decor Wedding tables are an important part of a wedding as they form the basis on which the wedding ceremony and reception is performed. Often, most wedding decor organizers suggest that the wedding setting be in the form of a tandem. So as to realize the needed beautiful embellishments a lot of creativity is required. The style of the reception influences that type of the marital courts that a ceremony has. Often, there are the head seats, the parent’s chair, the host bride, the sweetheart bench and the cake bench which often showcase the reception.
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You will also find the guests table, the buffet table for meals, the signing table, and the DJ’s booth. Some other settings include a groom’s table and the gift table for gifts. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when establishing a marriage table decor.
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Shape and Arrangement of the Table decor To evoke a sensual decoration, the form of the tables should be considered so as to determine how they will be arranged. It is more appealing to use seats that are circular or oval as compared to square or rectangular tables. Wedding benches can be organized in a cluster format so as to allow conversation and mingling. It is more appropriate to arrange the buffet tables in a U-shape as compared to when arranged in a straight line as they encourage diversity and enhance food sharing. A background that is overlapping and colorful is suitable for this venue as it creates a serene setting. Ensure that the wedding chair covers to match and blend with the counter decor. The Color and Style of the Wedding Setting The color choice is quite important as it determines the general appearance of the marriage ceremony. It is good that couple choose colors that will make the wedding reception memorable. One should view a variety of wedding counter covers and tops together with their centerpieces to create a smooth blend of colors. The colors range from the multiple colored tops, silver, yellow, orange, pinks, to ivory colors. Styles adopted for most marriage ceremonies usually comprise ethnic, evening, outdoor, and indoor, and day settings depending on the event planners. It is important that the counter setting style matches with the arrangements of the chairs and the chair covers and also match with the overall theme. Lighting and Place Settings Lighting is an essential element for wedding decor. Tables decorations are strengthened by the type of lighting system used in reception. Different sources of lighting can be utilized so at to improve the presentation and enhancement of the wedding tables. To have proper lighting on the counter decor, candle centerpieces or tea lights can be utilized. Floating candles and lights bring about an unusual combination of the wedding buffet decor. These help in attaining a stylish buffet decor for an elegant wedding reception.