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Why It’s Fun to Live in Shipping Container Homes Having your own home is part of the American dream and everyone is certainly working hard to finally call one his own. And although the concept of a humble abode is mainly about having a place where you can live and take shelter, a home these days also has effectively become a showcase of the owner’s personality. It is a kind of expression in which you’re telling everyone how you want them to see you. And when it comes to showcasing a rather distinctive personality, one of the most recent trends in building homes today is building them out of shipping containers. The idea of building a home out of a shipping container isn’t something new but it has gained a lot of steam as of late, maybe because people are becoming more and more interested in doing things in rather unconventional ways. Anyhow, let’s take a look at some good reasons why you might consider building one. 1 – It is very affordable.
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There is no denying that the most obvious reason why many people would contemplate on building shipping container homes is because they’re affordable. The thing is the cost of owning one is actually a lot lower compared to the cost of the cheapest house you can buy in your area.
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2 – Homes made out of shipping containers are very easy to build. Although you might be overwhelmed at first when you see how these homes look, in reality they’re actually very easy to build. In building a traditional home, you need to start from the ground and work your way up, from the smallest details to the biggest structural issues; but a shipping container home, you just find one and transform it and do the design on your own. Since it already is a structure in itself, all you have to do is carve out doors and windows and incorporate your own creativity in it. 3 – Moving in a shipping container home gets done in no time. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why people are getting more and more interested in this type of setup. The process of buying a typical home is just very tedious and time consuming, considering that you’re going through stuff like talking to realtors, applying for a loan, doing home inspections, and negotiating the price. Therefore, you just can’t hope that you can move in to the new place in weeks. But if you choose a shipping container home, all you have to do is find a good condition shipping container, put in the designs and setup you want, and move in; simple as that. And best of all, whenever you want to have a change in scenery, all you have to do is pay for a delivery truck to take you and your shipping container home anywhere you want.