Troubleshooting Printers – 8 Common Printer Problems & Their Solution

Often frustrating and sometimes puzzling device printer are the most important equipment in our day to day activities. You would be happy to know that almost all of the printer’s glitches comes with a solution. It’s just a matter of time and a little knowledge and you will be able to improve your printer’s speed and quality while also maintaining the efficacy in terms of costs. And if you own multi-function device printer, then quality of scan can be improved as well. So we have tried to mention all of the common issues faced by many printer owners along with the techniques to troubleshoot them. These techniques will work as a support for printers and will help you to fix offline printer.

Problem with printing

You can start with the basic, which is checking the cable; it might be loosened. Sometimes drivers get corrupted and they need to re-install. The driver comes in a disc with the printer or you may download from the internet. To ensure that driver is properly installed open the list of printers available by going through the control panel. The default printer has a green check next to it and you can select another by right clicking on the desirable printer. To reveal and change the setting of printer click on the printing preferences where you can access the functioning of the printer and if problem still persists then get the online support for printers.

Too slow

Always try to print the documents in a normal mode rather than opting high quality mode. If you own a printer with automatic duplex mode then better keep your printer in simplex mode if the speed is not paramount and you are not in a hurry. High end laser printers comes with the different drivers to choose from and some drivers slower the speed; like postscript printing although produces high quality documents, but degrades the speed as well. You can choose different driver to provide the support for printers in speeding up. Sometimes it’s the WiFi connection, and you can fix offline printer by moving it closer to the router.

Frustrating paper jams

A generic warning will be there in the form of red or orange light if there’s a paper issue. You may even hear a beep sound. There may be a misalignment in the paper and can surely be corrected by opening paper tray and positioning the paper right. Remove the jamming paper which may be interfering with the printing process. It’s one of the basic troubleshooting step to fix offline printer, but if you own primer with multiple paper tray then check the setting and ensure that paper getting fed from the right tray.

Running out of Ink

Some printers come with ink saving and toner saving settings, and if your printer doesn’t have one you can use the default mode for printing. Formatting is also must and need to check before giving the printing instruction. If your printer is running with low ink, you will get the warning and it will become easier to fix offline printer; you may need to replace the cartridge sometimes as well.

Something wrong with the Ink

When documents are printed at low quality it doesn’t necessarily means your printer is offline. It may be a low quality ink compromised for the cost effectiveness and you can’t do much as it’s not a fix offline printer problem. What you need is to consider the good ink quality from the decent manufacturer. You may also need to consider low capacity cartridge which avoids nozzle clogging and quality degradation.

Degraded texts

Providing support for printers to avoid degraded text will require you to clean the nozzle and print head realignment. Follow the prompts when you click the printer setup and maintenance option or look into the user manual for doing the same. If you own a laser printer, shaking the cartridge to alleviate the settled the toner problem. High quality printing option may provide the support for printers, but then you have to compromise with the quality. Choose wisely.

Abysmal look of the photos

The problem could be a plain paper, and you may need to switch for a photo paper. Do remember to check the paper and print setting as well while doing so. There may be a problem with the low colour level in the cartridge. You need to also shake the cartridge gently as it may be running dry.

MFP scanner not working

The unresponsive scan command due to network failure may also make your printer offline and to fix offline printer in this particular case first check with the network connection, if problem still persists, then try reinstalling MFP software. There may be a problem with the hardware as well, check support for printers online, you may need to replace the whole MFP hardware as well if the problem continues.

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