Hire an Unbiased Third Party to Verify The Quality of Building

It is a good idea to turn to professional snagging service when you have a new home or commercial property build. They are an unbiased 3rd party in the mix, and they know what to look for. They will carefully survey all aspects of the project and let you know if there is anything to worry about. If they do find concerns, you can address them with the builder.

Don’t let the builder fool you and tell you they will take care of this for you. It isn’t wise to let them pick the provider. They could have a good relationship with that provider and it makes it hard for them to be completely objective. Hiring that entity on your own means you are in control over what they do. It also means they have no reason not to give you all the facts.

It is better to have this information and be able to get changes made before the project is complete. In order to get the best results, you need to hire a professional snagging service with a proven history of such work. They should be able to verify they have the expertise, the knowledge, and plenty of other jobs completed to be able to do a wonderful job for you.

Pre and Post Completion

Ideally, the professional snagging service should be done twice. It should be done at a midway point in the construction process. It should also be conducted once the completion is done. Some contractors though don’t like this and they want to keep this 3rd party at bay. You should be skeptical if they aren’t willing to let them come in and take a look around.

This could be a red flag they are trying to hide something or they are cutting corners. It is a good idea to talk to the construction company before you go into the final contracts. Let them know you would like to send out a professional snagging service for pre and post surveys to be conducted. If they don’t agree to this, ask them why not.

If they do agree, that should give you some additional reassurance they are planning to do an excellent job for you. It is a good idea to put the information about the professional snagging service into the contract you have with the construction company too. This will prevent any problems down the road when it is time for those pre and post inspections to be conducted.

Final Report

It is important for them to be thorough but they also need to get you the information they collect in a timely fashion. Before you hire them, find out how long it will take for them to get the results to you. Some entities offer the final report within 2 business days. Others as for a week to get the information compiled.

You also need to know how that information will be presented. If the professional snagging service isn’t willing to sit down with you and go through the information page by page, it can be overwhelming. Find out before you hire them what they offer in this regard. You should be able to look over the report with the and ask any questions you may have.

Often, they will be happy to assist you with presenting this information to your builder so the issues can be resolved. If the builder refuses to make changes, you may have to take further action against them to ensure everything gets taken care of with your new home or commercial property they are creating.

You can count onĀ  to help you make a great buying decision. We can put your mind at ease that the property is in good condition before you lease or buy it. We can also help you to avoid a serious mistake when it comes to buying or leasing property that has a multitude of problems. We have a complete checklist we well go through with the inspection. We have skilled employees who are trained to look at every aspect of the property. You will be given a detailed report that shares the findings so you can make well informed decisions about your next steps.