Five Technologies to Shape Future of Human Race

Technology is reshaping the human future in ways unimaginable. Our future is bright thanks to the new technologies. There are many technologies which can define the future of human beings.

Let us look at some of the promising future technologies that can impact us.

Internet of Things

The internet of things lets the objects do the talking. We as humans love the convenience and want to focus on our own thing. We do not want to sweat the small stuff. The internet of things will hopefully take care of all our inconveniences. For example, the ability of your air conditioner to switch on before you arrive at your work desk is one way how smart technologies would work. Similarly, your fridge will know if you need eggs and can place an order without your intervention. These are a few examples of how the internet of things will define our future.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one revolutionary technology which will have a larger impact on humans. There are several examples of artificial intelligence around us in everyday life. The use of Apple’s Siri assistant for answering common questions is one example. Facebook is using newsfeed to give its users the content of their choice. Spotify lets us discover new playlists we may like. The technology to process big data has made artificial intelligence a lot more useful and relevant.


Biotech research cost a lot of money, and we as humans could not potentially enjoy the benefits. The new biotech research has significantly reduced the costs of decoding the genome. The gene editing can potentially have a lot of applications for us. The ability to edit a gene which can cause disease is one way of using the advancements in biotech. Similarly, in agriculture, the use of biotechnology can help create new breeds of crops to resist disease. Biofuels is one of another branch of biotech currently under development.

3D Printing

3D printing is already making big waves within different industries. One such example is the construction sector. The use of 3D printing technology lets the civil engineering firm quickly create new buildings. The future development of the techniques and materials will help reduce the cost of producing the three-dimensional structures used in construction. The materials used to construct 3D structures include quick drying cement and recycled construction debris. The revolution in 3D printing will also help reduce the cost of labor involved in the building process.

Wireless Power

Wireless power is one other revolutionary technology which will change electricity transmission. Imagine the world without cords, wires, and high pylons. The wireless devices will get charged without having the need to plug them into a socket. Many of the smartphone manufacturers are already using this technology to charge the devices wirelessly. The use of wireless power will also change the way we construct houses.